The brand

LOVIE & Co is a family story, a story of passion and a vision of fashion that goes far beyond the mere style of clothing. It is fashion as a means of expression, a means of communication and a means of promotion that awakens our confidence and makes it possible to reveal the inner beauty of each one.

The story


« I have always been in the fashion world. In 1999, my parents created their own women’s ready-to-wear brand called ”LOVIE”. Thanks to them, I nurtured this passion from a very young age, at home, where magazines were piling up, where materials and textures adorned the sketches and silhouette that I scribbled. It is for these reasons that at the end of my business studies, I intuitively took over the family business, to found LOVIE & Co in 2014: a brand that dresses with elegance and audacity the contemporary woman. »

The brand

« I am inspired by you, the Woman of today. She asserts herself, she is sparkling, she reinvents herself. When I start creating a new collection, I wonder about my vision of the ”Confident Woman”. I take care of composing a complete wardrobe that combines perfect cuts, refined fabrics and subtle details to accompany her in her daily life. I try to make her feel feminine, elegante and bold in each of her outfits that will remind her of her qualities, her plural beauties. »


The adventure

« From season to season, our style asserts itself and gradually takes a more responsible path by integrating more pieces made from natural materials into each new collection. It is no longer just a question of sublimating women on aesthetic criteria, but also of taking a step towards a more sustainable future. The LOVIE & Co woman will dress with intelligence and boldness! »



Lucie, founder of LOVIE & Co

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